The Fourth Seminar invitation

On the establishment of ‘Efficient management for kindergarten principals, skills upgrading seminar’
Invitation (fourth)


Over the past five years, Chinese private kindergarten increased by 60000 to100000.By 2015 Chinese private kindergarten will reach 152000. On an average day 27 new private kindergartens are coming. Such rapid expansion of will bring great changes in Chinese early childhood education market:Such as ‘admission age structure changes,
The traditional mode of operation will be challenged;
For diversified demands of 80’parents, the quality will be the first element of the parents to choose a kindergarten! " Due to frequent various problems, there are higher demands for the principals’management level.  For the requirements of educational administrative departments, in order to speed up the cultivating a number of principals with modern educational thought, theory, innovation and management capabilities, to further promote the healthy development of children's education in our country, to improve the management level and teaching quality of kindergarten, through case study, practice, expert guidance and group study, to promote students’ strategic vision, awareness of innovation, spirit of cooperation, strain ability and decision-making ability. We decided to hold the fourth’ Efficient management for kindergarten principals, skills upgrading seminar’ on March 27th -28th ,2014 in Guangzhou. We give full disclosure of the kindergarten enrollment secret, how to recruit quality students (high fees). We will give full play to the advantages of well-known kindergarten teaching resources and professors’ advices from HKIPE, for some major theoretical and practical issues of training,
The relevant issues are notified as follows:
First, the training seminar location and schedule:

 Schedule  Content
 March 27th  08:30  Check in at 11th Floor, Block A, Poly Zhongchen Plaza, No. 1, Longkouxi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
 March 27th 09:00-12:00  Kindergarten advertising techniques and practices
 March 27th 14:00-17:00  Kindergarten enrollment skills and training
 March 28th 09:00-12:00  Kindergarten enrollment seminars
 March 28th 14:00-17:00  Service skills and practice after kindergarten enrollment


Two, participants:
Kindergarten principals, vice principals, directors and backbone teachers ect.

Three, training seminar content:
1、With rising personnel costs, the bottleneck of talent will become the main factors of restricting the development of a kindergarten, to learn the advanced educational concepts, with scientific talent concept, education and quality concept, to establish the correct ideologic.
2、Learn the advanced kindergarten management theory, improve the theoretical quality, enhance the macro thinking ability.
3、Sharing experiences and growing thinking under the guidance of experts, to promote the growth of principals.
4、Communicate with all senior principals, learn the advanced management experience.
5、Examine outstanding kindergarten, feel excellent kindergarten culture.

Four, lectures Expert: Dr. Li Huijian(Deputy Secretary of Guangdong Province Psychological Association/ Executive vice president of the Preschool Education Committee)
       Master of Educational Psychology, South China Normal University、visiting scholar at the American  Northwestern University 、Professor of HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF PRESCHOOL EDUCATION, The guest professor of Jinan University、Master of  Business Administration, Western Sydney University(National), Australia,EMBA of Jinan University ,The doctorate of Business Administration, Victoria University (National) Switzerland,The board of directors of Guangzhou YMCA、Member of the ninth/tenth session of the all China Youth Federation、Guangzhou Youth Development Foundation Director ect.

Five, After the seminar, issued senior training certificate by the Hongkong Institute of Preschool Education.

Six, Conference fees: 
1. Conference training costs 800 yuan / person (including learning,  investigation, materials, certificates and other costs);
2. Directors and members of Guangdong Province psychology of infant mental and Preschool Education Professional Committee can get 50% percent off;

Seven, registration date and manner:
1. Time: March 24, 2014, after receiving this letter could apply. The quota is limited!
2.Address:11th Floor, Block A, Poly Zhongchen Plaza,
No. 1, Longkouxi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou――Guangzhou teaching point of HKIPE
3.TEL:020- 85517919、87563962、13632286330(Teacher Gao)
  Contact:Teacher Chen/Teacher Yuan
4. Travel ways: 1)  subway station: Gangding station exit A; 2) BRT bus station: Gangding station.

Seminar attendance registration form

 Kindergarten name                                Office phone / Mobile phone                                      
 Name   Post  
 Address   E-mail  

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