Twenty-Seventh Chinese KMBA(Kindergarten Management) Summit Forum Invitation

Learning while Playing        Scientific Games

Seven highlights in this forum:
Highlight one: the Long History
Forum held twice every year in winter and summer. It has been 14 years since the first held in 2001.  Heavy accumulation and timeless.

Highlight two: A Wide Range
The attendance of administrative leadership and principals at this was more than 20,000, covering all parts of the country.
Highlight three: High Authority
We invited local and overseas well-known academic authority from psychology, preschool education, economics, management, service, marketing and other areas and famous principals for teaching.
Highlight four: Strong Effect
Interpretation of the policy, grasp the direction; to understand the information, seize the opportunity; establish brand strategy, for the development of navigation。
Highlight five: Good Communication
We built the exchange platform with experts for on-site interaction. At the same time, established an ‘experts and principals Wechat’ group for continued communicating and guidance.
Highlight six: Creative
Actively advocated the kindergarten ‘Learning while Playing and Scientific Games’,keeping pace with the times, leading the innovation development model.

Highlight seven: Observation
Visit famous high fees kindergartens and Learning Center which was invested more than ¥50 million in Guangzhou. Field investigation and observation; absorb the quintessence, pragmatic innovation.
Guangdong Institute of Psychology
Infant mental and preschool education professional committee

Leaders, Directors, Members and Principals:
      In order to further implement ‘guidelines for kindergarten education’ and ‘3-6 years old children's learning and development guidelines’ spirit by the Ministry of Education, let the game become the main form of activity of kindergarten. Guangdong Institute of Psychology and Preschool Education Professional Committee scheduled the ‘Chinese twenty-seventh KMBA summit forum’ on June 12th -14th, 2014 in Guangzhou Huatai Hotel .

      The afternoon of June 11th, Guangdong Province psychology of infant mental and preschool education professional committee will convene the first session of the third congress and the first session of the fifth meeting of standing committee members. The twenty-seventh session of Chinese KMBA summit forum opens on June 12th morning. ‘The seventh KMBA graduate’ opening ceremony at HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF PRESCHOOL EDUCATION begins on June 12th  afternoon.
       In order to enhance our director, member, principal and the kindergarten's theoretical level and practical ability, to mobilize the enthusiasm of all, to strengthen the cohesion, society will give full play to preschool education research institutions and kindergarten professional advantages, such as actively set up an expert team, optimization and integration of resources, research and student teaching and other public welfare activities. Now issued this initiative to the director, member, principal: to actively participate in the ‘KE XUE GUAN LI YI WAN YUAN’ and ’KE XUE YU ER JIN WAN JIA’ public welfare activities.

       We believe that: the forum theme ‘Learning while Playing,Scientific Games’ will  let principals benefit from those  academic lectures by the domestic and foreign education, psychology, management, marketing and other well-known experts and scholars. The forum to prospective its authority, efficiency and practicability, characteristics and style, brought to the principal who is not only a wide field of vision, active thinking,communication, learning, lifting platform, but also help to provide more practical for everyone..

One. Organization
The organizer: Guangdong Province psychology of infant mental and preschool education professional committee

Undertaker: Golden Education Technology International Group
Two. Schedule


 Experts and their introductions

 Lecture topics




15:00―16:00   Guangdong Province psychology of infant mental and preschool education professional committee.The member representative assembly  committee clubs
16:00—17:00 Guangdong Province psychology of infant mental and preschool education professional committee.The executive director of the conference  committee clubs
13:30—17:00  Visit famous high fees kindergartens and Learning Center which was invested more than ¥50 million in Guangzhou. Huatai Hotel Register Office


8:00—8:30  Science Film ‘Education from the ’early’ start; Cartoon ‘Foolishly Superman’ episode 1 Huatai Hotel  Thousands’ venue
8:30—8:40  ‘Twenty-seventh Chinese KMBA forum’ opening speech by professor Zhang Minqiang of South China Normal University, Executive Vice President of the Institute of Psychology of Guangdong Province
8:40—11:40  Dr. Xu Zhuoya, Professor

Director of the Institute of Nanjing Normal University preschool education research;

Head of the Department of preschool education;

Professor, tutor of doctoral students
 ‘Play with the music - a good development, really happy’
13:30—14:00  Science Film ‘Chinese + English = Global Pass’; Cartoon ‘Foolishly Superman’ episode 2
14:00—14:30  The seventh session of the KMBA graduate ‘opening ceremony’ speech by the President Dr. Zhou Weiguo of HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF PRESCHOOL EDUCATION
14:30—17:30 Dr. Zhou Weiguo: Professor  


President of Asian Institute of Management in Singapore

Doctoral Supervisor of Peking University, School of Government

Professor of Victoria University in Switzerland
 ‘Kindergarten Technology Innovation Strategy’


8:00-8:30  Science Film ‘Let English become the second ‘mother tongue’ for children; Cartoon ‘Foolishly Superman’ episode 3 Huatai Hotel  Thousands’ venue
8:30—11:30 Dr. Zhu Jiaxiong, Professor  

President of the Preschool Education College of East China Normal University,

Doctoral Supervisor

Vice Chairman of Chinese Preschool Education Research Association
 ‘Learning while Playing--The new thinking of kindergarten curriculum’
14:00—14:30  Science Film ‘Stimulate the brain potential, to achieve the future of children’; Cartoon ‘Foolishly Superman’ episode 4

Dr. Zhang Bo, Professor

The first preschool education Postdoctoral in China,

The current preschool education department director of South China Normal University ,

Master's Supervisor,

Professional members of the Nurseries Committee of China Preschool Education Research Association

Implementation of the strategy about game curriculum in kindergarten



8:00―8:30   Science Film ‘Think more.Create the future’; Cartoon ‘Foolishly Superman’ episode 5 Huatai HotelThousands’ venue

Dr. Li Huijian, Professor


The guest professor of Jinan University,

visiting scholar at the American  Northwestern University
 Learning while Playing        Scientific Games
10:30—11:30 “KE XUE GUAN LI YI WAN YUAN” The Expert Discussion Forum



1. If there is any expert lecture schedule adjustment, opening ceremony announcement shall prevail.
2. Committee Clubs(Address):11th Floor, Block A, Poly Zhongchen Plaza, No.1, Longkouxi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
3. Huatai Hotel (address): Huatai Hotel, Xianlienan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Three, Participants: kindergarten investors, Principals, Deputy Principals

1. Meeting time: June 11th , 2012(2014??) (Wednesday) to June 14th  (Saturday)
2. Registration time and place:
(1) For participants who need for an accommodation please fax or mail the ‘Application Form’ before June 5th, with ‘Application Form’ to arrange accommodation. Cover your own Board ,lodging and  transportation expenses. Accommodation fees: (double standard: 260-320 yuan / Room / day). Lots of great places to eat nearby.

(2) Check in time and place:
June 11th , 08:30-22:00, Huatai Hotel, Xianlienan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou(Sketch Map for details)
Hotel tel:020-87789888
3. Conference fee
(1)1000 yuan/person,Group registration (more than 4 people) gets 20% off , that is 800 yuan / person。
(2)Get the attendance card with attendance ticket after payment。
(3)Free for  committee members. Non-member may apply to become a member by filling the application form at the meeting (Kindergarten Principals only). Membership fee is 200 yuan / four years. Applicants should be recommended by a vice-president or two members. Successful applicants are free to attend the next forum.
4. Registration and consulting number:
(2)Mobile:18922152132/ 15989016602
(3)QQ:2598271344 E-mail:2598271344@qq.com  Fax:020-87541021
(4)Contact: Teacher Yuan、Teacher Huang、 Teacher Fang、Teacher Xian.
(5)Address:  11th floor,  Tianxin Building, No. 77 Longkouxi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou(510635)
5. Registration deadline: June 5th , 2014
6. ‘Continuing education certificate’ issued
Attendees get the certificate at Committee Registration Place with attendance card and ‘feedback form’ at the end of the forum.
Attachment 1: location diagram
Attachment 2:Guangdong Province psychology of infant mental and Preschool Education Professional Committee (Introduction)
Attachment 3:Introduction of  teaching experts in this forum
Attachment 4:Registration form、
Please check the attachments for details, click on to download:The twenty-seventh KMBA forum invitation










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